• Attain your potential by traversing a path to self.

  • Fathom what’s beyond your beliefs.

  • Lead a journey of your becoming.

Lead from Self with Jaya Mehrotra

Change is not easy, but nothing is more difficult than being stuck where you don’t belong. As we make amends we often feel immobilized and even relapse after moving ahead. The journey of transformation needs deep insights of self and an internal alignment to objectives.

The journey of coaching is about re-orchestrating your thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions using self-energy to turn things in favour of your contentment. The answer, almost always, is in the question. Together let's analyze those questions and find the best answers.

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Client Speak

  • “She’s helped me trust myself, my instincts and find answers within myself”

    Vidya Nair, Chief Cleanliness Champion, Svabhiman Healthful Living
  • “Jaya has been a crucial beacon which helped me navigate a very tough yet rewarding patch of my career over the past two years.”

    Regional Head of a Private Bank
  • “Her commitment to me as a client is nothing short of exemplary. It is very commendable in today’s time, where relationships are purely transactional, momentary and flippant”

    Founder, HR Solutions Company