My Story

Lead from Self
With Coach Jaya Mehrotra

Leadership is not always inborn and that was the biggest learning for me growing up as a serviceman’s daughter. Because leadership starts with leading yourself, the discipline of getting yourself to do things you ought to be doing. All through my career in banking spanning almost two decades, I have seen CEO’s and first-generation entrepreneurs either make it or bring it all to the ground and the key factor that set them apart was self-leadership.

I saw subordinates, contemporaries, and superiors struggling with the ‘treadmill syndrome’, running frantically but getting nowhere, and that led me to my ardor - Coaching. Although banking for me was an accomplishment, influencing people in an inclusive environment was my passion.

In 2014, at the peak of my career, I decided to graduate as a Certified Coach and groomed my instincts further by programs in Facilitation and Self Leadership. Today, I catalyze individuals in achieving an attuned and steady professional and personal life.

A life changing experience

Professional and personal imbalances can have far reaching impact on our efficiency and well-being not only taking us further away from what we seek but also restricting us from seeing what we should look for. Coaching aligns us to what we are and what we should be.


Set yourself free.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story. So very often a voice in the head is more worrying than the spoken word. Sometimes just listening to self may change the narrative. The first step to unleash self energy is to express.


Get closer to yourself

In most instances, human mind is ‘split’ by constituents of self which prevent us from moving forward. When we acknowledge the presence of these parts and give them a voice, we create value, clear blockages and gain insights into self. Self-discovery makes the ‘whole’ bigger than the ‘sum of the parts’.


Let your best side rise.

Identifying and setting goals is not a catalyst for change, internal alignment to the goals is. Once aligned to self, a small shift brings about a big leap in achieving objectives.

Remember, a life coach only makes sure the pitch is clear. Ultimately, you are the source of your own revolution.